• Its organizational structure is based on close long-standing relations among its partners and associates who are dedicated to providing optimal investment solutions to energy and infrastructure projects.
  • Its main activity development and construction of energy projects, developing high-performance gas and electric power business and arranging financing for the energy and infrastructure industry, Belmonte Group contributes to a stronger and sustainable energy and infrastructure sectors.
  • To be able to design, develop, fund and to arrange the complete funding of a major energy and infrastructures project in a timely fashion, the Investment Company has established close partnerships and cooperation with selected leading companies from the engineering sector, most renamed EPC companies and finance industry leaders, in particular, in Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Espacio energy acts as a strong partner for the development, financing, construction and operation of energy projects. Our company is playing a leading role in helping to convert energy supplies and supporting the protection of our climate. We collaborate with organizations to identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and launch successful ventures in clean energy and advanced grid technologies.

We develop tailored strategies for utilities, investors and governments to consolidate an optimized implementation in modern energy technologies. Through our depth and breadth of technical, regulatory, product and organizational expertise in energy markets, we empower clients with the insight they need to tackle critical business issues and develop lasting competitive advantage.


Project development
Business concept / Finance
Project purchasing / Collaborations
Project Sales

We are also an active contact with various stakeholders, including

Property owners
Local authorities
Regional project partners and construction contractors
Manufactures of wind energy plants
Banks and investors